Thursday, August 22, 2019

Your Creative Thinking Profile Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Your Creative Thinking Profile - Essay Example These aspects can be apparently observed as clarifying any sort of problem, creating ideas, developing solutions and also implementing effective plans. However, at certain conditions, I become a â€Å"Hare.† This is because of having improper knowledge about implementing required skills. Moreover, at certain times, I also become an â€Å"Optimist.†This is because of having deficiency in clarity with regards to the problems faced at certain adverse situations (Pucciuo, n.d.). The role, which I aspire to have, is of a top managerial position of an organization. In this regard, I must possess certain roles about resolving several issues within the organization. Hence, from the organizational perspective, it is quite essential to have all the desired qualities in the creative thinking profile. Being the â€Å"Integrator†, it is desirable for the organization to have me as the top managerial position, based on which several issues can be resolved in an efficient manner. Moreover, at certain times, I also lack in clarifying any sort of problem. Thus, the job role, which best suits me besides the top managerial position, is the idea along with solution provider (Pucciuo, n.d.). It is worth mentioning that as a manger of an organization, it is quite important to learn, respect and collaborate with other individuals for attaining predetermined business or operational targets. This can be made possible by encouraging the colleagues and the subordinates along with others to have and share a common goal. As per my understanding, arranging team meetings and other events would certainly lead towards forming greater collaboration with the members. In addition, forming greater communication with the colleagues and the others would also lead towards strong collaboration (Meador, 1997; Pucciuo, n.d.). It has been evident that each and every organization possesses diverse nature of people working in a collaborative manner towards the attainment of desired

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