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Nurse Political Leader Speech or Presentation Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Nurse Political Leader - Speech or Presentation Example The leadership relationship in transaction based type is put to thrive in the exchange scenario where the subordinate continuously serves the leader in exchange for what is offered in return. The bargain in context reveals that though there may lack the favourable conditions and environment for the followers or subordinates to deliver under normal circumstances, the leader goes further to provide the required conditions necessary to deliver. The leader therefore defines the criteria to be followed at the exchange of benefits to the subordinates (Hartog, Muijen & Koopman, 1997).Transformational leadership on the other hand refers to the leadership style that offers emotional attachment instead of the award entitlement. Transformational leaders inspire their subordinates towards the course of achieving the set goals and objectives (Pastor & Mayo, 2006). The leaders behaviour through which the followers easily identify with drive the leadership. Transactional and transformational leader ship are seen to ascribe to the trait theory in that in cases, personality as well as intelligence that they exhibit distinct them from the common person’s traits (Anon, 2009). ... For instance, in 2009, the representative consented to and approve the prohibition of use of tobacco as a drug and supported the formulation of the ‘children’s health insurance program’. Concerning the bill to confer to mental health full attentions like the physical health in 2008, she supported. She is equally quoted to have supported and campaigned on supporting SCHIP to cover more children in the nation within the previous years. Concerning damages on lawsuits about medical practices, she rejected the bill to lower the 250000-dollar damage costs in the year 2004. These among other significant positions in her political career have been very instrumental in defining her leadership in matters of medical concern (Anon, 1999-2012). However, her political career has had a great blow, which would serve as a draw back in her efforts to competently defend her positions and propositions regarding formulation of laws on health because of her ailment in cancer (Weiner, 2 013). In 21 June 2013, the House of Democrats adopted and incorporated the representative’s priorities and initiatives in the federal education bill as proposed for the week. The representative is quoted to have been very vocal in education matters where she ascertains that passing better educational bills would be very instrumental in shaping the destiny and future of the US as a whole. Her priorities in the education bill in the house of senate include smarter and better funding to education, civic rights protection as well as better accountabilities for students, family engagement in children education, student health as a necessary tool for excellence in education and safety plans for schools. Moreover, the bill advocates for

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