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Select ONE theme presented on the module. Explain why you think this Essay

Select ONE theme presented on the module. Explain why you think this theme is important in organisational life using examples fr - Essay Example Therefore, experts argue that although work has various beneficial attributes, it may have negative influences on the workforce and overall productivity of the organization. Both the adverse and negative impacts of work are closely associated with the private life of workers. While work life may influence private life, the contrary is true, as well. Private life experiences can also affect work in either adverse or positive manner. The discussion will investigate the benefits of balancing between private and work life in the profitability of the organization and workers’ satisfaction and comfort. Discussion It is most rational to consider that various employees strive towards attaining happiness, better health and productive private and work lives. To increases, the probability of attaining satisfaction, privates and work live must be stabilized, (Lewis, Brannen and Nilsen, 2009, p. 48). Work and private life balance is a subset of private life and work life equilibrium and su ggests that employees are satisfied in both aspects of life. Private and work life interface is mainly explained as a circle of social tasks, which are linked to these crucial life aspects. It is rather obvious that attaining equilibrium amid these diverse life aspects reflects a progressive and complex effort. The outcome of these efforts is a vibrant stability that entails managing challenges, stress or constraints within the work and private life context, (Schulz, 2010, p. 50). A different perspective of looking at the situation is to consider the stability between the two aspects as a result of managing private life-work challenges. Work-life stability implies sustaining effective and healthy workstation that allows workforce to strike a balance between employments responsibilities and private tasks, and thus reinforce worker allegiance and productivity, (Lomas, 2005, p. 63). Sociological studies reveal that two in eight workers experience increased levels of struggle between pr ivate and work life oriented on private life-to-work interruption and parental constraint. If task burden is added, then more than 62% of workers interviewed suffer private life and work struggles. Of all the employment aspects that affect family-work challenge, the number of hours spend in the office is the extensive and most persistent aspect, (Drobnic? and Guille?n, 2011, p 45). The increased levels of work to life challenges reported by administrators and executives often are a production of their prolonged stay in the offices. Additional factors include security of job, managers or supervisors’ support, ambiguity or complexity of work role, work dissatisfaction and enormous utilization of communication techniques, which shapes the precincts between private life and work. In the modern world, today, employees have various conflicting roles like work, kids, household chores volunteering activities, aged and kin parent attention and mounts stress on people, societies and fa milies where people live. Similarly, these private life obligations and commitments mount stress on the overall commitment to work responsibilities and production of an organization, (Grossman and Chester, 1990, p. 82). In other words, work-family challenge is an adverse limitation that affects employees, their supervisors or managers,

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