Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Marketing Mix and Consumer Behavior Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Marketing Mix and Consumer demeanour - Essay Ex enormousToday the entire world is considered as markets by the marketers who are involved in global trade. Participating in the global trade has become a growing trend of directlys business scenario since global trade comes with the opportunities of competitive advantage and access to a wider market that provides the marketers, ample scope to grow and develop. Thus in this context, when a marketer wishes to grow and prosper then its necessary for him/her to consider the entire world as their consumer. This is true for products as well as dish ups. The accounting at hand focuses on the market commix of a dirt and the means through which the brand convinces and satisfies its customers. One such brand with a global presence is BiCE. BiCE is a group of restaurants with Italian filiation that was started during 1926. Today the group has its presence in the seats like North America, South America, Asia, Middle East, Europe and Afric a (BiCE, 2013). The marketing mixes at each of these places are different. Since its not possible to discuss BiCEs marketing mix in the context of all the places, therefore the present report will be focusing on BiCE Abu Dhabi, UAE. However before discussing the marketing mix of the restaurant it is necessary to discuss the market condition of the place where the restaurant is operating presently. Marketing Mix Product- BiCE offers a complete Italian familiarity to its customers. Italian rock euphony is played by a group of musician in the lounge area so direct out the essence of Italy. The adjacent places of the restaurant remain well-decorated by terracotta idols and Etruscan bronze structures. The wide array of delicacies comprise of a broad gamut of cuisines starting from appetizers like gamberi, zucchine e carciof, Fritto di calamari, Carpaccio like Carpaccio di aragosta con composta di mango piccanto e salsina al caviale, soup like Zuppa di orzo e gamberi, Risotto like ai f unghi Porcini, salad like Insalata Cesare con crostini allaglio, alimentary paste like Penne allarrabbiata, Main Course like Filetto di tonno rosso, in crosta di sesamo con caponata Siciliana, and Side orders like saute spinach- Sauteed mushrooms - Steamed vegetables, Grilled vegetables - Mash potato - Grilled asparagus - Grilled asparagus and confused salads. Along with offering superb Italian cuisines the restaurant also comes with accommodation facilities. But the lodging service is only accessible during the peak seasons of the year when maximum number of tourists visit the country for spending their holidays and obtain (Jumeirah, n.d.). BiCE mainly focuses on rendering a diverse array of food menus to meet the tastes and food demands of the great unwashed pertaining to various nations pertaining to China, Thailand, Arabic, and other European countries like Germany and France. Similarly the restaurant also tends to meet the varying take needs of other expatriate population co ming from United Kingdom and United States to United Arab Emirates. The cuisines are served in packages that come with separate sauces, salads and other non alcoholic beverage drinks and also of alcoholic drinks like fuddle and others. Moreover the restaurant also focuses on encouraging the people to enjoy their socializing activities through service them savor on the food and drink products in an eat-out zone with adequate seats attached for gossiping. In addition the availability of a Wi-Fi facility further works toward meeting the requirements of the expatriate

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