Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Global Corporations Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Global Corporations - Essay ExampleAs entities, with a legal personality, similar to those granted to individuals, globose corporations collect rights that serve as protection under the law, but with a difference - unlike, individuals, they impart to the highest degree perpetual life span and with potential to own unlimited amount of m angiotensin converting enzymey and resources. Thus, in the young era, global corporations have been the force to reckon with its influence, not only the political and economic spheres but in the cultural and lifestyle aspirations of throng across the planet.Indirectly, because of their clout, global corporations have influenced governments, especially developing nations to pursue policies that estimate shift markets and consumerism, which has resulted to the decline of services in the public sector. Export policies are encouraged, so that people who draw expensive goods at the expense oftheir cheap labor will never attain the buying cause to afford these goods. On the other had, the local markets are flooded with cheap imports, especially food, that virtually stamp out local industries. In effect people, are constrained to think that it is better and wise to buy import goods which are cheaper over locally produced ones, even if the imported goods do not pass stringent tests on quality and safety. In many countries, retail trade liberalization has paved the way for the entry of retail giants such as Wal-Mart and Carrefour to the detriment of small, homegrown retail stores. Moreover, tobacco multinationals such as Philip Morris have increasingly established presence in developing countries with little or no anti-tobacco laws, moving external from Western countries whose health lobbies have banned advertising on tobacco. In many developing countries, people are bombarded still with the cool image of Caucasians smoking on television long banned in Western countries, encouraging many young people to think that smoking is f un. Behind the march of free trade as espoused by global corporations, lies the competitive ethos which makes countries and individuals think and act alike as if what matters is that one should concentrate on a particular skill or advantage to be able to make do - similar to how companies operate to gain market share from their rivals. So if the current global marketplace, favors outsourcing, nations must purge other traditional industries and race to compete to gain a slice of the offshoring phenomenon. Similarly, when IT skills were the ones needed, individuals lost no magazine to get college degrees in computers in favor of other vocations, which are not as in select in the marketplace. In both cases, the value is placed on the prospect of high income or property - both for the country and the individual.Because of their spread around the world, and their role in the transformation of labor markets, global corporations have influenced people to think that it is the pinnacle o f an individuals career to work for a multinational. This has led people to work and move abroad, away from their own countries, or communities. Family, and other outside concerns are

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