Thursday, May 9, 2019

A briefing paper for a child health promotion project Essay

A briefing paper for a child health promotion project - Essay ExampleMothers ar also protected from osteoporosis, ovarian cancer and breast cancer. It has also helped them maintain weight. (WHO, 2001)The aim of this paper is to defer a proposal of engrafting a Breastfeeding Center in UK which opens daily in daytime and which holds antenatal breastfeeding direction classes. This projects aims on (1.) Encouraging breastfeeding and (2) Examining the effectiveness of current measures to promote breastfeeding.This proposal is being presented to stakeholders who will approve this proposal, such as the UK National Health Services Maternal and Child Health programme. The proponent is ______________ (your qualification)This proposal seeks to establish a breastfeeding common snapping turtle in UK which is accessible to most women in the areaaccessible to their workplace or their homes. This center should be staffed by a Lactation consultant who would offer her services in communicating w ith mothers and families. The center should suck a relaxed atmosphere so that mothers can truly benefit from the breastfeeding learning experience.The center should also provide care for pregnant women, which includes relaxation massage for women, pregnancy massage, baby massage classes, nursling consultancy for breastfeeding support and gifts for mothers and babies. This service should be provided free of charge for women and should be open from 900 AM to 300 PM. The center should also offer free lactation stay services for women who want to breastfeed their babies for prolonged periods.The center should also hold antenatal breastfeeding education classes which are essential for successful breastfeeding to occur. There should be education related to breastfeeding and the participants should have access to educational materials and hands-on experience with dolls. The participants should be comfortable and have a

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