Saturday, April 27, 2019

MARKETING SUSTAINABILITY Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

MARKETING SUSTAINABILITY - Case Study mannikinSince tourists visit to see genius, such as wildlife and visit exotic places, tourist host destinations preserve nature to attract them. Additionally, the revenue paid by the tourists when they visit such places generates funds for maintaining and upgrading such areas. On the minus aspect, tourism may lead to exploitation of the environment such as overuse of beaches or intrude in sensitive areas such as coral reefs (Bhatia 2002, p.36). Tourism facilities such as hotels may designer pollution to the seas, and motor vehicles pollute the air from the fumes.Consumption behaviour defines the study of individuals or groups with relation to their service of preferring products or services in order to identify the effects which they have on the society and the consumers (Sarah & Claire 2013, p.11-28). In the case of Costa Rica, the government should be the one liable for this aspect of marketing. This federal agency that the government s hould assay to identify which resources are most needed by tourists so that they can devise the best means of satisfying their demands. In so doing, the consumers (tourists) would be satisfied and comfortable with Costa Rica and this would have a guaranteed substantiating impact on society. These impacts include development, sustenance of resources, and better reputation. The reason why the government should be the responsible party for this tool is that it has the ability to influence the players in the tourism industry to align with what will be highlighted as factors promoting better tourism behaviour.Ecotourism in Costa Rica can be enhanced by segmenting it into deuce partitions leisure ecotourism, and educative ecotourism. By understanding the two segments deeply, it is easier to provide the conditions and/or demands that each market requires for enhancement. The leisure ecotourist has different experiences and benefits from the educational ecotourist. This tourist displays l esser concern

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