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Explain Geoffrey Parker's concept of the western way of War How does Essay

Explain Geoffrey Parkers concept of the west state of contendd way of War How does the westward way of war influence current US action in I - Essay exemplarFrom the fifteenth century, the office staff of the westward sandwich war machine has been to propagate and uplift the cultures of the western nations. Writers of various genres of soldiers memorial had a variety of reasons for writing about military life. Three factors have contributed to the excellence of the western military over those of the neighboring non-European nations and the Americas. First of all, widespread politicization and acceptance of Christianity in the western institution contributed to this. Later, the industrial vicissitude led to innovations in military applied science. Finally, there was imposition of Western cultures into the non-western word through means such(prenominal) as trade and colonialism.Currently, the imposition occurs through western globalization. Therefore, these three factors hav e played a role in the western worlds military dominance. This has led to the phenomenon referred to as, Europocentric Supremacy1. Military historians who describe the phenomenon of Eurocentric Supremacy explained that many non-Europeans were compelled to convert to Christianity. The first military officer to convert to Christianity was Constantine. ... It, therefore, led to numerous military attacks and campaigns by the western military. A great number of military attacks resulted from conflicts between the Orthodox Church and Christianity. The western military took its campaigns outside their jurisdiction. This phenomenon led to widespread colonization of other nations by the west and the norm of knuckle down trade. At this time, the other nations had the difficulty in opposing the western colonies because the western colonies were well equipped cod to the dominant industrial revolution and innovation. It is, therefore, clear that the spread and development of Christianity thr oughout the western nations contributed to the Euro-centrism that was typical of the Western military. The technological advancements and innovations that resulted from the western industrial revolution all led to a supremacy in the western militarys mechanisms of war2. In his work concerning the advent of engine room and modern war, Martin Van Creveld illustrates the point of technology that was typical of the western way of life. Creveld quips that the modern war is adversely infiltrated by technology. He further adds that technology has now governed war. This he attributes to the western culture which has ensured that the principles of war have been upheld since time immemorial. The western power has experient invincibility from the past. This is due to the fact that the western word is motivated towards usage of technology in war either at the beginning of the war or at the middle and end of the war. The western world also has unyielding thirst in its quest to discover newer f orms of technology that will improve its war and military activities. These are the factors that have all along made the

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