Thursday, April 25, 2019

Ban on Smoking in Public Places Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Ban on Smoking in popular Places - Essay ExampleIf we chouse these products are bad for us why they are not set? They can lead to numerous types of cancers and eventually cause oddment. The dilemma of tobacco is mainly focused on minority groups, such as women and African Americans. Support and leadership is needed to shift the focus sullen of these groups. However, even though there have been actions to prevent pot from ingest in public places, the people have learned to segregate themselves somewhere else. The government is not responding enough to the problems that need addressing relating to tobacco. The government and its citizens know the issues being raised with tobacco products, yet they choose to ignore. Effects of Smoking A study carried bring out by Radzeviciene and Ostrauskas gives an overview about the relation of smoking and type II diabetes. It gives significant evidence that smoking is straight related to the disease. Similarly other studies also show that s moking has a profound effect on the incidence of diabetes prevailing in this world. A research done by Wannamethee et al shows that cigarette smoking is directly related to diabetes even if the confounders are adjusted. On the other hand the author in the expression also gives forward the fact that the exact underlying cause or relation of smoking with diabetes has as yet not been confirmed. However he suggests that the nicotine in cigarette smoking is the main cause which causes insulin resistance and thereof leads to diabetes mellitus in individuals. The author asserts that nicotine has a direct effect on the sympathetic nervous system because of which the nerve rates, serum cholesterol is increased. Moreover glucose tolerance and insulin sensitivity is impaired in the body by smoking. Eliasson et al in his research tells that smoking initially show the symptom of insulin resistance. And after some time the endothelial function is also impaired. Other toxic substances in cigar ette smoke can also malign the individuals normal physiological disk operating system of body and thus increase the stress on the body. This stress is a cause of diabetes mellitus in individuals (Radzeviciene & Ostrauskas 2009). Arguments for and against ban on smoking With the development in the world, the human mind has broadened its perspectives. The blossom out of knowledge has enabled a person to know how human beings have evolved as well as to substantiate their position and rights in the society. Gone are the times when people used to be suppressed by their powerful counterparts. With this evolution the recognition of the self and civil liberties have been understood. People have reached to levels where they believe that they get complete control of their lives to an extent that they advocate euthanasia with an argument that they have the right to choose death over pain. In such a period the development of laws to ban personal activities can usher to be very offensive. This is the case with the proposal of ban on smoking in public places. The state has the right to create laws for the betterment of its people but when these laws intrude the personal issues of a person, it can be a reason for argument. The state is chosen by the people to take care of their needs but by imposing bans in private issues, the state is actually interfering with matters that are beyond its sphere of work and the opponents of this ban have very convincing thoughts regarding this issue. The prohibition of smoking in public

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