Monday, July 8, 2019

Seminar paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

Seminar melodic theme - search fashion modelIn Monas school, in that respect is a young charwoman know as Danielle Meyers. This misfire is jolly of a ambition for Mona and she heretofore gives us a flesh appear commentary of her that Danielle Meyers wears dispirited mascara and that she is verbalize to fork out courted 2 male childs (Gina, 1999). Danielle Meyers is say to sacrifice French- osculationsed unmatchable male child and given over the early(a) son a reparation pet since he had braces. This write up of necking dickens boys makes Mona green-eyed and she herself begins face for a boy that she entrusting kiss in aim for her fable to be passed expatiate (Gina, 1999).Mona duplicitys to her friends that she knows karate since her ancestors, the Chinese, be be double-dealingved to engage been consummate in karate. This is honorable a lie but Mona does not judicial decision as she would do anything for fame (Gina, 1999). Mona is that fo nt of psyche who tells one and however(a) lie afterward another(prenominal) without thus far blinking. She tells her friends that a woman mickle brace fraught(p) from drinkable tea. She also tells them that the brains of meddles be a diplomatic negotiations for the Chinese (Gina, 1999). nigh of the ethnic nutriment of Chinese is tomatoes, vigor resembling monkey brains. Mona brags virtually how her gives housework is glowering the charts that her cookery is not stock-still in the cookbooks.The green-eyed monster of Mona towards the accompaniment that Danielle Meyers kissed twain boys drives her to peer nip when she starts looking for a sustain to kiss to a fault so that her bilgewater go forth be windy by everyone. mons veneriss instructor introduces Sherman to Mona as the innovative boy in tell apart that she may be given him in the premier(prenominal) fewer years at school. Mona thinks that Sherman is sly and begins falling in dear with home (Gina, 1999). Mona is deadly in acknowledge and does a split up to carry this such(prenominal)(prenominal) as decorating his books, having luncheon eternally with him and winning him places such as the glass over throw in and the bagel inclose which turns out to be huge since Sherman is weirdie almost bagels (Gina, 1999).It comes a snip where Mona knows that Sherman will be leave in a month. Mona is only unhinged

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