Monday, June 10, 2019

Wine Festival Event Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

drink Festival Event - Essay ExampleMedia coverage would be really important to making this event work, as appropriate advertising must be done to ensure that the wine loving public is aware of this event. Wine lovers will be the main attendees of this event, as it will give them an opportunity to sample many different wines from around the region. In addition, wines that are new to the market will be encouraged to participate in order to raise public interest on their specific product. This is an excellent opportunity for restaurant and draw a blank owners to advertise themselves to the demographic that they need to reach. For sponsorship, we can look to bars and restaurants that sell wines and brandys because this could be used as an advertising expenditure for them. The Australian government is another(prenominal) possible sponsor, as this event will be used to help local businesses grow.The goal of this event is to familiarize the public with the various types of wines that a re procurable in the region, with a special emphasis being placed on local wines. This is done in order to promote local businesses and products, which will hopefully benefit the local economy. Once the event grows in popularity, it could also become a popular tourist destination for wine lovers who wish to experience a multitude of wines in a short people of time. Other goals would be to increase Australian wines sales by 20% and to allow for new Australian wines to have an opportunity to reach the public.This event, which would take place at the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre, would have a very unique format, ascribable to the amount of wines that would be present. The main concept is to create a venue for winemakers, restaurants, and bars to get their products into the public eye in a relaxed and hospitable environment. Winemakers, bars, and restaurants would look at their products to the event and allow for those attending to sample them for a low price. Each of these participants would bring some featured

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