Saturday, June 15, 2019

LOVE Response papers week 7-- research Assignment

LOVE Response papers week 7-- research - Assignment ExampleSingle-subject research design focuses on the behaviour of an individual subject tested over treatment variables. By focusing on the behaviour of the individual subjects better designation of potential sources of error and to control errors is an advantage (Francis, 2011, p. 387). It is a design that can be applied when the type size is one or when a human action of individuals argon considered as one sort (Wasson, 2003). Therefore causal relationship between variables is established even using one or little group and it provides a good demonstration that a variable has an effect on behaviour being observed (Francis, 2011, p. 387).On the contrary, generality is questionable when using a single subject design since experimental situation is tightly controlled to reduce error variance. Plus the fact that some variables cannot be easily controlled especially variables that are innate in person, such as personality and intel ligence that cannot be easily controlled and may affect the result of the study remarkably (Francis, 2011, p. 388).With the proper companionship on the use of a single-subject design, a sample research question can be formulated as Effect of positive reinforcement in work performance. By using the ABAB design, control look into is followed by an experimental author, which is followed by an additional control condition and experimental condition (Wasson, 2003). In the sample research question, baseline work performance phase is the pre-experimental phase which will be recorded and will be taken as the control condition followed by the implementation of the positive reinforcement as the experimental condition then by another control condition and another experimental condition which is the reinforcement phase. In which all behaviour in all situations, controlled and experimental, will be observed and recorded for analysis.The formulated single subject-research has the definite poss ibility of attaining a good

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